3 Reasons to Hire a Correctional Consultant

1. When your facility has no internal control system or is behind in contemporary correctional practices.

Facilities need internal controls to maintain their policies and insure practices and procedures are up to date. Correctional Consultants can provide up to date current “best practices” for a facility to be current in all areas. Correctional Consultants will bring policies in accordance with state standards and/or in accordance with American Correctional Association Standards. Correctional Consultants has experienced staff that can assist correctional institutions with issues such as overtimes, policy development, and standards.

2. When your staff is in need of training to meet a short or long term goal.

Correctional Consultants can provide experienced staff to train your staff as well as to conduct “train the trainers” programs.” We can react quickly to your needs without traditional government procurement procedures. We conduct a variety of training programs to meet facility needs.

3. When your facility anticipates a lawsuit or when the Department of Justice or another party sues for conditions of confinement.

Correctional Consultants can provide outside assistance when there is an anticipated lawsuit or when one has been filed. Correctional Consultants will provide experienced teams to help navigate lawsuits. Significant money and time can be saved to start and complete consent decrees and settlement agreements quickly. Correctional Consultants will work in partnership with facilities to assure the highest standards are met within budget constraints.